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I am very much pleased with your work, you had done a great job in completing the task very efficiently and accurately in very short turn around time. I am very much satisfied and willing to provide more work in near future.
- Liza Santos

Data Entry Services - Outsourcing service provider

Data Cleansing Services- Data Entry India

Data Cleansing is considered one of the leading services outsourced in the field of data entry. To get completely structured and well formatted data many companies are now outsourcing their data cleansing services. Data Entry Services is a leading service provider of data cleansing services, and has been a frontrunner in providing these services for many years.

Our Expertise

With a strong base of skilled manpower and extensive experience Data Entry Services is capable of providing you with high-end services within a fast turnaround time. We are widely known for our capability of maintaining 100% accuracy. We look after offering our clients with the maximum benefits in terms of quality and quantity.

Why Data Cleansing is required

  • Inaccurate data is pretty tough to comprehend, which may affect the decision making process of the company. Data Cleansing can provide accurate data by removing all the irrelevant details.
  • Data Verification and Data Validation that can be achieved during the process of data cleansing provide a highly accurate mailing list required for marketing. This will help in cost reduction and increase Marketing ROI
  • It increases Organizational Efficiency and Profitability
  • Outsourcing Data Cleansing service will help you save cost as well as resources thereby helping you in concentrating on core business areas.
  • Data Verification and data validation process will reduce the errors and upgrade the standard of your data.

Making the best use of avant grade technology and advanced infrastructure, we can capably handle voluminous work at ease. Moreover, we are adept in delivering you quality data within all the given parameters without affecting the high quality of our work in any way.

Data Cleansing Services We Provide:
We provide an array of data cleansing services:

  • Data Validation
  • Data Verification
  • Data Formatting
  • Data De-Duplication (removal of duplicate records)
  • Data Updation

By outsourcing the process of Data cleansing, you can ensure that correct, accurate and consistent data is being used by you. Data cleansing helps in the following processes

  • Check for inaccurate data
  • Check for obsolete data
  • Check for typos or spelling errors
  • Check for incomplete data

Data cleansing services offered by us will provide you with automated procedures, with a set of rules depending on the data. This automation process is applied to the check mailing list, contact email, address verification, and validation of zip codes, etc which improves the quality and manage huge volume of data efficiently.

Quality Check Process We Adopt:

We offer a thorough quality check process after the data-cleansing job is completed. We appoint a team of experienced personnel, adept in handling the quality-checking process. After this process, our experienced auditor audits and produces a report. If we detect any mismatch in the given report, we address it right away and provide you with quality output.

Process We Follow:

  • Send us your Data Cleansing or Data Cleaning requirements via fax or email
  • Analyzing your requirements we define what kind of process is relevant for the Data Cleansing service you require
  • We accept the input source like MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase or any other database. Also, data could be in MS Excel, CSV or ASCII file
  • Our Process will involve the Project Planning, Execution and Delivery.
  • Data cleansing services we offer involve formatting, removing duplicates, removal of junk data etc.
  • In case of Database Validation and Verification, our process involves confirmation of the available data or updating by web research, calling etc
  • Final Dispatch of output data or update on Web Based or Remote Systems

Contact us if you have any further query regarding the data cleansing services.