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I am very much pleased with your work, you had done a great job in completing the task very efficiently and accurately in very short turn around time. I am very much satisfied and willing to provide more work in near future.
- Liza Santos

Data Entry Services - Outsourcing service provider

Online Data Entry- Data Entry Services

Data entry job from paper or handwritten documents into an electronic format is considered as one of the integral aspect of every business. Every organization has to maintain important confidential data, which needs to be handled carefully. For the proper management of this data, outsourcing your data entry jobs is the only way out. The process of online data entry is needed which will help you to maintain and handle the data systematically. When outsourcing your online data entry services, retaining the highest accuracy is difficult. For this reason, you need the expert's help. That is where we come in.

Our expertise

Data Entry Services is a leading service provider, which specializes in data entry outsourcing jobs. In-house processing of online data entry can cost you dear; however, the wisest way out is to outsource such non-core area of your business to a specialist like us. Outsourcing your online data entry needs to us would save a good amount of time, during which you can look into the core business processes in your company, saving you time and money. Leveraging your online data entry requirements to Data Entry Services can help you in getting the project done within strict deadlines and that also at affordable rates.

Give us the privilege to serve you by providing all kinds of online data entry services. We can handle any type of data entry and have the capability to manage large volumes of data with ease. We, at Outsource Data entry, have an experienced team of veteran data entry executives who are trained and expedient in handling the online data entry of e-books, catalogs and other kinds of online data entry of database.

Services We Offer:

Data Entry Services is a prominent organization in the field of online data entry. Comprehending all your requirements our experienced team provides you with all sorts of the business specific online data entry services. Go through the following service we offer:

1. Online data entry of catalogs

Online data entry of catalogs means updating the database of online stores by collecting information from PDF or printed catalogs, or manufacturer's websites. Through the process of online data entry of these catalogs, we do editing, modifying the textual description or online images, and even prepare online catalogs.

2. Online image data entry services

We are highly adept in online image entry jobs. Image data entry is a special kind of online data entry. This online image data entry includes services image capturing, data entry of scanned images, image clipping services, image storage and image retrieval.

3. Online data entry of databases

Online data entry of database is widely outsourced by the businesses or companies. Online entry of database includes the creation of a database containing the updated information. The regular update and thorough maintenance of the database falls under the online data entry of database. .The entire process of the online data entry of database helps in the storage of the crucial data and at the same time reduces the data redundancy.

4. Online data entry of e-books

Online data entry of eBooks is a significant requirement of many companies. Analyzing your business needs, we carry out the online data entry of eBooks. We collect data from websites, books, magazines, questionnaires, manuals, surveys, and convert them into an electronic format, thereby accomplishing the eBook data entry.

Quality Control process We follow

Client satisfaction is our primary aim and we perform strict quality check before final dispatch. . We manually type data into an online web based application / database, or by remote access. Designing specific Quality Assurance processes, we strive to ensure the quality of our service. We always perform double verification of data entry for the same source and rectify the mismatch (if found) right away. This helps us to achieve the best quality of data entry.

Process We follow:

  • Contact us with your data entry requirements through chat, email or on phone.
  • Analyzing your requirement we conduct free test run so that you can learn about our capabilities and have the opportunity to review the quality of our service. .
  • If you approve the free sample then we approach you with the quotes.
  • After the quote approval we begin the work.

Why Us

Outsource your online data entry requirements to Data Entry Services to avail the maximum benefits.

  • By outsourcing online data entry services to us you will save the big amount of productive time, which you can dedicate to your important business purpose.
  • Get the data entry services at affordable rates since we provide the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • You will get top quality service with the retention of 100% accuracy within the stipulated time lines.