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I am very much pleased with your work, you had done a great job in completing the task very efficiently and accurately in very short turn around time. I am very much satisfied and willing to provide more work in near future.
- Liza Santos

Data Entry Services - Outsourcing service provider

Data Security- Outsourcing Data Entry

While outsourcing a data entry project to specialist offshore companies, it is the question of security, which concerns you the most. Hence, it is always useful to find out a service s provider, who provides you the utmost security while maintaining your data accuracy. Now, if you are tired of trying to find a reliable outsourcing service provider, then Data Entry Services can be your destination. We are a leading data entry outsourcing Service provider. Here, at Data Entry Services, we strive to provide you a superior quality of data without losing its accuracy. During the course of the entire process, we ensure security and confidentiality of your data.

We ensure the security and confidentiality of your data with our rigorous security practices that we conduct for maintaining the privacy of your data, making us different from the others. We, at Data Entry Services, adopt every necessary step in order to provide you the highest security for your data. We understand the value of your data and providing you the satisfactory services is our primary aim.

Data Security Measures We Adopt

Availing the latest and innovative technology, we are able to implement the highest standards of security measures. To know more about our security measures, please go through the following points.

  • We try to keep your data secure with the help of email, folder, and file encryption. This ensures the confidentiality of our customers' information.
  • After we complete the data entry files, we either destroy the source documents, or send it back to the owner (Whichever our customers ask us to do).
  • We save a regular backup of the data, so that we can provide you the data in case it is lost somehow. We store this backup data in different locations for security purposes.
  • Data entry operators who work on the data entry projects, cannot access source files directly. Data processers and scanners scan the data and convert it into TIF images. In this format, the data is distributed among the team of data entry personnel.

Data Security

  • Meticulous penetration tests and security audits are carried out in Data Entry Services to ensure data security and data maintenance
  • In case of any unexpected security breach, we bring it to the customer's notice right away.
  • With innovative and advanced technology processes, we ensure the privacy and integrity of customer's data.
  • A daily backup of the data is taken to ensure the highest security principles

Personnel Security

  • All the data entry personnel related with the project are given ID cards that are verified thoroughly.
  • The personnel here are extremely well trained on how to maintain the data security.
  • We do not use CDs, floppies, USB drives and personal laptops within the office. With these devices, there is a higher chance of data leakage. Spot checks are conducted on a daily basis on employees at the premises to enforce this rule.

Network Security

  • Networks cannot be accessed directly without the use of a secret and unique password.
  • This network and password access is available only to those who are handling the projects.
  • External drives such as pen drives and floppy disk drives are disabled on every system during the execution of the project, so that nothing can be leaked. Regular spot checks are also conducted to ensure that customer data is completely secure
  • We install firewalls and the latest versions of antivirus software to strengthen our security measures daily.
  • Every system used at Data Entry Services is password protected (which is unique always). As a result, only authorized personnel have access capability of systems within the office premises.
  • To ensure security, we keep on changing passwords from time to time.

For any further queries, feel free to contact us. We will serve you in all your requirements.