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I am very much pleased with your work, you had done a great job in completing the task very efficiently and accurately in very short turn around time. I am very much satisfied and willing to provide more work in near future.
- Liza Santos

Data Entry Services - Outsourcing service provider

Data conversion services- Data Entry Service

Data conversion services have become an urgent necessity with the ever-increasing quantity of data that fills our offices. Since all kinds of data formats are not compatible with or used in all businesses, data conversion is the only way out. As a result, these data conversion services have become an important arena of outsourcing services, and many companies are leveraging their data conversion services from specialist service providers.
However, it is difficult to find a reliable service provider, who is capable enough to provide you with quality service within the timeline given, and that too by retaining the highest accuracy. If you are looking for a reliable and prominent service provider for outsourcing your data entry need, then stop raking your brains, because you have come to the right place! Data Entry Services ( assures you of quality data conversion services at affordable prices.
Why Data Conversion Services Are Necessary

  • It helps in improving usability and accessibility of the data
  • We structure and digitize information
  • We abridge complex and voluminous data into intelligent information
  • We clean up the redundant data
  • We store and preserve the data for future requirements
  • We conduct processes like reverse engineering to utilize various data and file formats

 At Data Entry Services, we strongly believe in doing quick work while maintaining our quality and deadlines. Customer satisfaction is our priority and we strive to provide them with the best solution by maintaining the highest standards of business morals.

Services We Provide

Encompassing all sorts of data conversion services, Data Entry Services today is leading the forefront of this field. Here you will get the following conversion services:

  • To XMLThrough this you can define tags for all different elements and set the relationships between them
  • To SGML- Through SGML Conversion , managing huge volume of documents becomes very easy. You won’t face problems if there is frequent need to change the required format into printed formats
  • To HTML - We provide different kinds of customized HTML conversion services.
  • PDF To , To PDF- PDF conversion is widely required conversion services since it is the standard format and most of the businesses in the world deals with it.
  • To TEXT, To TXT – data required for publishing and analyzing often required to be converted into TXT format.
  • To Word , To DOC , To RTF – This services is mostly outsourced by the s BPO companies.
  • Image To- image to text format is one of the significant service outsourced widely. The hardcopies are converted into images and them these are converted into the TXT format.
  • To XLS , To CSV – XLS or CSV conversion helps you in managing huge quantity of data analysis within a small time.

The input formats we accept

  • Paper Documents
    Printed or Handwritten
  • News Papers
  • Books
  • Catalogs
  • Manuscripts
  • Any Type of Cards
  • Any Type of Forms
    Or any other type of hard Materials...
  • Digital Images or Digital Films
  • JPG Images or JPEG Images
  • TIF Images or TIFF Images
  • BMP Images
  • PNG
  • Microfilms
  • Microfiches
  • Aperture Cards
    Or any other type of Images...
  • MS Office Formats
  • Microsoft Excel Files
  • Microsoft Word Files
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • PDF Files

Output formats We Support
Here at Data Entry Services you will get the following output formats

  • "To Image" Format
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database, MySQL Database
  • "to XML" or "to SGML" or "to HTML" Format
  • "to PDF" Format
  •  "to TEXT" or "to TXT" or "to CSV" file.
  • MS Excel, MS Word data file or MS PowerPoint or in Microsoft Access Database
  • Oracle Database
  • Sybase Database

Why We Are Different      
After the data conversion files are submitted our quality checking team takes up the responsibility of reviewing the job done. During this process, a meticulous quality control process is carried out. If any mismatch is found during the process, it is brought to the notice of the project manager and is rectified right away.

Why Us
Enjoy the following benefits by outsourcing your data conversion requirement to us

  • 99% accuracy in the data converted
  • Customized data conversion services as per your specific purposes
  • Leverage our expertise in handling huge volume of services.
  • Project completed in a quick turnaround time
  • A team of highly skilled experts will handle your data conversion project

Data Entry Services follow a rigorous security practices and policies. Outsourcing your data conversion requirements to us would keep your data safe and secure. By providing you with the best quality data conversion services, Data entry Services gives a more competitive edge to your company.
Feel free to contact us at any time, and we will revert to you as soon as possible.