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I am very much pleased with your work, you had done a great job in completing the task very efficiently and accurately in very short turn around time. I am very much satisfied and willing to provide more work in near future.
- Liza Santos

Data Entry Services - Outsourcing service provider

FAQs- Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services is the reliable provider of all your important services like data entry, data mining, data conversion and data processing form processing, eBook creation, data cleansing, photo editing and various other back office operations. We offer you an array of outsourcing services to cater you in all your needs.

Following is the list of FAQs asked by our satisfied customer.

Where is your office?

Our office is located in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, which is the focus of one of the fastest growing states of India. Stationed in a prime location, Data Entry Services is well accessed with all kinds of transportation.

What are the advantages of outsourcing services to Data Entry Services?

  • We offer you the right of entry to these focused services.
  • Our quality service is mutually beneficial to both the service buyer and the service provider.
  • Outsourcing non-core process would enable you to make huge savings.
  • Outsourcing from specialized providers will help you in getting quality services that meets the highest standards. .
  • By providing quality service, we help you in the smooth running of your business.
  • You can also increase revenue by outsourcing to us.
  • These outsourcing services give you the opportunity get the advantage of hiring various skill sets from across the world.
  • We provide flexibility of different time zones.

We offer you an array of important data entry services at affordable rates, which are as follows.

  • Data Processing Services
  • Check Processing
  • Claims Processing Services
  • Document Processing
  • Form Processing Services
  • Image Processing Services
  • Text Processing
  • Questionnaire / Survey Data Processing
  • Rebate Processing
  • Word Processing Services
  • Email Processing
  • Data Entry Services
  • Data Conversion Services
  • Data Mining Services
  • OCR / ICR

How efficient is your team?

At Data Entry Services, we maintain a team of skilled and experienced professionals. Members of our team are qualified and have a sound knowledge of MS office applications, data mining skills, OCR applications, etc. Our agents at entry level have a minimum of one-year experience in scanning. They have intense knowledge regarding quality checking parameters. Running numerous queries, we detect errors and correct them right away.

Our leaders and managers have good managerial skills and leadership abilities and have the desired degree with minimum of 5 years experience.

Is there any training program?

We conduct strict training programs to guide our professionals in handling the security measures and the quality checking process . We create excellent standards and the program involves process specific training as well as training on client-specific technology platforms.

On what parameters you ensure the quality of work?

We conduct strict quality checking process to ensure top quality service. The quality check process we conduct involves a quality review, batch file quality review, image quality review, and quality control reports. Both automated and visual computer checks are performed on all the images scanned and data entered. All our team members in this area are qualified and experts in their specific areas. Proper training is given to the members before the start of any project

What is your turn-around time?

Customer satisfaction is out priority and thus, we provide all our services at quick turn-around time as per customer's requirement.

What about your pricing structure?

Wes offer extremely affordable rates. We are widely known for providing the best competitive price in the industry. Depending on the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the project, we provide you fair quotes. Our pricing is based on the following factors:

  • Term of contract
  • Required skill level of a agent
  • Complexity of the project
  • Required turn around time

How do you take payments?

We have two options:

  • Wire transfer
  • Paypal

What terms you follow for payment?

Since we prefer weekly payments most clients pay us in this form. This maintains regularity. In case of one-time projects, we also accept payment after the completion of the project.

How do you maintain the security and secrecy of data?

Customer satisfaction and the security of the customer's data is our priority. We follow all possible security measures based on the innovative technology to ensure the highest security to your data. We follow ISMS - Information Security Management System. Every process is planned to ensure complete security and secrecy through rigid privacy policy implementation that matches to international standards.

Our employees and professionals sign a confidentiality agreement at the very beginning of the project. Our document sharing and permissions are restricted. Only our authorized personnel have the right to access the office drives.

Are you having the required domain expertise with Industry specific Data Entry works?

With our expertise, we have served a lot of industrial sectors We handle end-to-end processing of files for all chief phases in the below mentioned industries:

  • Finance industry
  • E-Commerce/Shopping carts
  • Healthcare industry
  • Insurance industry
  • Education industry
  • Human Resource industry
  • Legal industry
  • Real estate
  • Mortgage
  • Publication
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Transport industry

Is there any specialized software for converting various data?

We use some of the popular and latest software to convert various data. Depending on the type of the project and requirement of the client, we decide on the software.

How do we start with you?

For beginning the work, first we need the input files and the instructions for your projects. Depending on yours requirements, we provide you the samples at free of cost. . After that, we quote the price and the turn around time. After both sides agree to all the terms, we go further with the execution of the project.

How do we communicate with you?

We prefer email and MSN/Yahoo/Aol/ Skype for communication. We are also available via telephone; you can communicate with us through fax as well. We also conduct the meeting in person in case the project is a big one.

How do you upload and download scanned files?

We provide you an FTP address to upload the TIF/GIF images and we send you the coded reports.

Is there any automation software for quality control?

We make the best use of programmatic tools for authenticating data against a known set of values and databases. We are proficient in mismatch verification by using Macro scripts.

Is there any free trial?

We provide a free trial run on all data entry services. You can avail this free offer before signing the contract. Reviewing our work quality you can make furthers approach.

Is there any backup procedure?

The backup process is a part of our business continuity plans. We store regular backups and keep them in secure and separate locations, which cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

Tell me something about the legal aspect of sending the data entry of confidential data!

We are always ready to sign Confidentiality agreement and NDA as required by you